100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfied or money back!

What is this guarantee about?
It targets students which are not satisfied with their lessons for multiple reasons (e.g. delay of the coach). We give coaches the chance to offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. This gives you the possibility to claim your money back or get another lesson from another coach for free.

Which coaches provide such a guarantee?
If a coach provides our 100 % satisfaction guarantee you can find the following icon on the very top of his profile page:
What do I have to do in order to make use of it?
If you you aren't satisfied with your lesson inform us via mail. Please tell us the reason you want to make use of this guarantee as well as which of the following options you choose:

  1. Receive the full amount of your payment
  2. Choose another coach with equal price or get/pay the difference
Please remember:
You can not book this coach again after getting your money back from him and you have to claim your right of guarantee within 48 hours after the Dota 2 coaching lesson is over.
If you have further questions send us a mail.