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  • 500 /HOUR
  • Get a coaching by a good player who is totally familiar with the game and its meta.
  • Learn the basics of the game and its characteristics in general.
  • Choose this option if you are a new/casual player and feel often uncertain.


  • 2000 /HOUR
  • Get a coaching by a skilled player who is experienced in the game and with its mechanics.
  • Learn specific topics of the game (e.g. current meta, tactics, etc.).
  • Choose this option if you are used to play the game and know the basics.


  • 5000 /HOUR
  • Get a coaching by a (semi) professional player who plays this game on a more competive level.
  • Get first-hand knowledge about every single detail of the game.
  • Choose this option if you want to learn from the best to reach the next level.

All coaches on Quackstage can assign themselves for one of those packages. Always check their profiles as it may occur that they will overestimate their own skill. Of course we always keep an eye on our coaches in order to uphold our high coaching standards.

Reward System & Payment

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Students can book coachings using their coins. Through our reward system you are able to get many for free.Using Quackstage Coins allows you to save

Coaches can redeem coins against items from our Quackstage Shop. There is no fee anymore for coaches.

With our Quackstage Coins we also want to introduce our new reward system for you. With that all users on Quackstage can get free coins which in turn can be used for coach bookings as well as for our shop for coaches.
The amount of bonus coins and how you can get them is listed in the following table.

Unique Events (1x redeemable)
First Login500
Newsletter Registration500
Recurring Events (usable any number of times)
Daily Login20
Review Coach after Lesson250
Refer a Friend*500
*You will get this reward after your friend has booked a coaching. Only past and successful bookings will trigger your free reward.

Coach Special

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All our coaches will be able to redeem coins against gaming hardware & accessories, vouchers for different plattforms (e.g. Steam), and other awesome stuff in our new Quackstage Shop.
The shop will be released in a few weeks.
If you have any questions or recommendations regarding our shop contact us and we will take your opinion into account.