We proudly announce our newly updated webpage with this post.
Now, it is possible to select between three different packages when you want to get a coaching: one for every skill level
You do not need to worry about currencies like Dollar/Euro anymore as we have created our own one now called Quackstage Coins.

This change comes also with our new reward system where all coaches and users can get free coins which can then be used to book coachings
or to choose something from our (soon coming) shop. For more information visit https://quackstage.com/page/info/. If you still have questions or recommendations contact and
help us to improve. 

Last but not least we will start with our Valentine's Raffle to give everyone of you the change to get a high quality coaching in the game of your choice. You can take part by clicking on the button on the top of this page. Good luck!


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